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Thomas-Dakin-GinThomas Dakin was at the forefront of distilling ‘high quality gin’ way back in the 1760s when he started a distilling company in Warrington – that later became Greenalls. This was a rich period in the history of gin, as London emerged, bleary eyed, from the gin craze into a time where gin evolved from being the root of all evil (according to the likes of Hogarth and his friend Henry Fielding) into a respectable spirit, exported around the world.

And so on to Thomas Dakin Gin, how’s the cut of its gib?

Produced in Manchester in a pot still, and bottled at 42% the lable, which is in a lovely letterpress style has us most intrigued. There is an interesting collection of eleven botanicals which include orange, grapefruit, coriander, angelica and red cole – more commonly known as horseradish.

On the nose it’s fresh, cool and crisp. Oddly enough…

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