Blinded by the Light


I can fully understand the frustrating feeling that most of the religious are doomed to remain in that weird world of futile adoration. Their poor minds have been contorted by parents, relative’s friends and teachers who convince and cajole using the ‘trust me I wouldn’t lie to you’ routine.

The price to pay for the brave discovery of reality is not for the meek.

To be out there in Veracity Street is fraught with the strength needed to be truly responsible for all ones actions. In Veracity Street you can’t hide behind a book of nonsense and demand respect for its obvious ambiguities. In the world of absolute truth there is no room for inequality. Real strength is in standing together in the pursuit of progress and genuine knowledge. The power of gender cooperation is immense providing methods and insights that are lost in the mire of social inequality. And guess what? The poor old meek are most unlikely to inherit the earth.

Being bought by the promise of jam tomorrow is extremely sad. I have myself been angered by the futility of belief and the stonewalling of rationale thought religion brings.

Finally, I say thanks to the courageous intellectuals who take care in presenting the very best of logic and reason yet all the while knowing that converting the deluded is a hard row to hoe.

The Times Are Hardly Changing.


One comment on “Blinded by the Light

  1. Joan says:

    Could it be that you protest too much?

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