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The London Gin Club

Thomas-Dakin-GinThomas Dakin was at the forefront of distilling ‘high quality gin’ way back in the 1760s when he started a distilling company in Warrington – that later became Greenalls. This was a rich period in the history of gin, as London emerged, bleary eyed, from the gin craze into a time where gin evolved from being the root of all evil (according to the likes of Hogarth and his friend Henry Fielding) into a respectable spirit, exported around the world.

And so on to Thomas Dakin Gin, how’s the cut of its gib?

Produced in Manchester in a pot still, and bottled at 42% the lable, which is in a lovely letterpress style has us most intrigued. There is an interesting collection of eleven botanicals which include orange, grapefruit, coriander, angelica and red cole – more commonly known as horseradish.

On the nose it’s fresh, cool and crisp. Oddly enough…

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To the hope wishing faitheist
offering science a hand
we can see through your ploy
which we sure understand

Aiming to bask in finalities truth
moving slyly with credence in mind
all things revealed are truly divine
yet God remains hid what a bind

Averse to the Vanities

Welcome to
The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

I am a Pastafarian bless my sacred plate
where first I felt my calling deep inside
sensation overwhelmed a rhythm in my heart
oh! How wonderful and marvellous I cried

Ever Tuesday is our ritual we never miss a date
as our Pasta shows symbolic metaphor
every tentacle we glaze reggiano to amaze
 rekindle all our hopes in Pasta Comfort we implore

I am a Pastafarian and so proud that I revere
the secret of  contentment I declare
my faith is firm unshakeable the meatballs are sublime
bearing satisfaction witness accordingly I swear